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Laptop repair

Laptop repair

Notebook maintenance fault following:
1. notebook not boot, and boot no reaction, and indicates lamp bright screen no displayed, and boot since check stagnation service
2. notebook panic, and off electric, and not recognize hard disk, and not recognize drive, and not recognize keyboard, and not recognize mouse, and cannot networking
3. lifted boot password, and BIOS password, lifted various boot errors (as IBM 0175 errors,)
4. displayed class fault: spent screen, and dark screen, and screen Flash
5. Battery fault: battery not charging, and battery not discharge, and using battery cannot boot, and battery power time shortened
6. notebook maintenance interface: power mouth, and USB mouth, and print mouth, and COM mouth, and VGa mouth, and PS/2 mouth
7. keyboard series key, and stick key, and press failure, mouse mobile; slow, and mouse runaway
8. accessories replaced: Board, and LCD screen, and shell, and screen axis, and screen line, and keyboard, and memory, and hard disk, and drive, and base,
9. battery decoding/for core , Cheap, high quality services
10. flower motherboard repair
11 notebook screen, black screen, white screen, black screen repair

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