CPU heat sink causes crash
Fault analysis and treatment: because of the author's computers have not used for a while, following a preliminary determination may be memory or video card contact rust caused by bad contact with the slot. I open the case and clean the dust inside the chassis, remove the related boards with rubber contact points carefully over, plug it in, but the symptoms remain. Then remove all the attachment process again, problem is still not resolved, check BIOS settings are no exception. Chassis flat on the computer to work properly, while vertically it will crash, presumably when a part is flat on the chassis can be a good contact and exposure to bad causing the lockup happens vertically. Respectively the chassis flat, upright and carefully check the attachment changes, I find that when the CPU fan to the chassis flat contact with the CPU very well, and vertical CPU fan is loose. When failures may be due to vertical chassis, CPU and CPU fan bad contact, heat is bad, make the CPU temperatures and cause computer crash.
to confirm this judgement is correct, boot into BIOS, system monitoring, respectively to view chassis flat and vertical CPU temperature changes. When the chassis stand is, boot CPU temperature quickly rise when flat, after booting the CPU temperature to rise slowly, fluctuating around at 40 c, finds the cause. So hurry to remove the CPU fan, use tweezers to shorten the fan fixed pieces of iron, so that its contact with the CPU closely, reboot, troubleshooting.

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