Three methods for the floppy drive head cleaning
Floppy disk drive heads are the core components of the floppy disk drive, in order to extend the life of head, need to regularly carry out cleaning and maintenance. Describe the three methods for cleaning the head here.
, cleaning disc to clean the magnetic head cleaning disk is a special floppy disk, and put it on computer floppy disk drive magnetic head special cleaning fluid, into the drive, automatic rotation, dust and dirt on the heads of adsorption on a tray. If you do not have without the cleaning plate, or you can use a new floppy disk in drive by cleaning, perform the format command (FORMAT), and then do the check disk command (SCANDISK) to check the track in turn, repeated several times. This is done to some floating dust in the dust layer to a floppy disk. This method is simple, but the more stubborn attachment is easy to clean.
Second, using cleaning solution to clean computer floppy disk drive magnetic head on the head with a cotton swab dipped in special cleaning fluid to clean the head, you can wipe the more stubborn attachment to. Note that using cotton swabs to clean the magnetic head must be careful, don't smash your head.
three, chamois polishing heads will wipe clean using a camera lens 10 mm ~20 mm suede cut growth, wide strip of 5 mm, wear two holes in the ends of the Strip, with two tweezers are holding two small holes, then put the suede thong on the head, use tweezers to pull around suede sport polished heads, dirt removal. Note that this method can only be used for fixed head, and is not suitable for floating head. General cleaning or you can use the first method, if it doesn't work, you can use the second to third way.

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