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Recently within the chassis fan is louder because the video card fan because of the bearing oil, wear of bearing hole – the fan shaft between the bearing and the gap is too large, and the axial fan activity gap is too big, fan blades can be moved back and forth a few millimeters. Fan turning for the axial movement and rotation of the fan blade plane are also rocking, not only becoming more and more aggravated while producing a lot of noise.
most of the fan failure for this.   While a new fan of the easy way out, but not in the DIY spirit, and also not found right away to substitution models. Of course there is the failed fan is not beyond repair, introduced a fix now. Material is very simple, as long as a small piece of aluminum cans and a bit of butter (butter to clean, there is no impurities that).
1. first will fan Shang of dust clear clean, avoid in installation process in the again has dust into bearing within;
2. will bearing seal of self-adhesive tore, removed axis Shang of card PIN;
3. will bearing within of residual oil with clean of tissue or soft cloth wipe clean, then will axis Rod also wipe clean;
4. in bearing within joined is butter, principles is Ning less not more so as not to serious effect speed;
5. again will cans of aluminum skin cut Xia as bearing card PIN od as big cut a round tablets , And dug a hole through the shaft, to pad between the bearing and pin it, parallel to reduce the axial movement of the bearing and the distance. If the clearance is greater, thickened to just go on the pad, the bearing moves back and forth from below 0.5mm;
6. seal seal, add a little butter, finally the fan back into the video.
plugged in try, you will find a small voice, but it can be used at least 2 years. But need to be reminded that, despite a small voice, but because of the limited manual precision, speed will drop a little.

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