Clean the CD caused fault
I have an Acer 48x drive, usual normal, one day while watching the VCD because noticed dirt on the VCD, use cotton wipe, then put into the CD drive, but after running for a few seconds, the computer crashes, the optical drive does not eject, led long off. Restart your computer, enter the program manager, click the drive letter, nothing happens, restart several times, the fault still. Analysis and maintenance of
the optical drive led long on, indicating normal power supply system, but the optical drive will not eject CD drive laser can not read, drive motor and laser head are suspected to have problems. Remove the optical drive, open the enclosure, and found that the CD laser head carrier cannot be reset after bouncing, plugged in, and found minor motor movement. Rotary gear by hand after a power failure, laser head bracket properly reset. CD tray is properly popup, explanation of electrical and mechanical parts correctly. Suspected main control board work led to one device is damaged for a long time, unplug the laser head and the edge of the main control board cable, press the eject button and play button, normal CD drive indicator light flashes, judge main Control Board correctly.
further found that CD-ROM laser head position, and nothing happens, gently rotate the optical drive laser rods, found a cotton filament winding gear, take out the cotton thread, restart the computer, everything is normal.
to this truth, turned out to be with the alcohol swab to clean a disc, CD into the optical drive into the little cotton silk, CD-ROM laser head connecting rod gear jammed, causing failure.
Note: better not use damaged discs, disc have dirt must use the swab to wipe clean and carefully check that the CD is with cotton, silk or other items!

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