CPU chip wear and how to deal with
As we all know, copper CPU chip is exposed to the outside, very easy to wear. Physical injury due to wear, not within the scope of warranty, so many consumers are a headache.
How to deal with this type of wear that? Because there are no effective treatments, we have to prevent unburned. CPU when not it is best to chip a layer of tape on the surface. Now, many businesses were good signs at the point of sale. If no post can be obtained from the CPU sales businesses, it's easy to find. This market has been greatly extended. In addition, must pay attention when installing the CPU fan is properly installed. Install the fan has a direction, if it is Intel original fan, Fan Heatsink must be factory-stamped below the silicon chip fully coincide with the CPU chip, otherwise, it will wear. In short, two points: one is the chips evenly contact with silicone, two are installed evenly.

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