Pencil overclocking CPU obstacles
I love machine configured to thriving AK31 motherboard (VIA KT266 chipset), Duron 750MHz CPU and 128MB memory (DDR266), use the operating system to Windows 98. Long time ago, my CPU has been overclocked to 950MHz run (method of crack frequency doubling of 2B pencil to connect the metal bridge, and 0.025V).
one day, opened loving as usual, was about to enter when the Windows desktop appears an error: "the registry is corrupted, Windows will restart and repair the error". Click on OK, but after it reboots, the problem still. Then enter DOS mode, originally made with Ghost mirror covers the operating system back into the c drive, then everything is normal. But 10 minutes later, the blue screen appeared, scratching their heads, but to format the c drive and reinstall Windows 98. At the time of system installation to 70%, Setup a dialog box that shows "a DLL file is corrupted, the installation stops." Holding a try and begin installing Windows Me, but when I installed to 89% again that annoying dialog box: "a DLL file is damaged, install stopped," why the hell is this?
sit down for a moment, feel should not be a software problem. Then suddenly, CPU has been overclocked use, case and CPU related. Then restart your computer enter the BIOS to restore the CPU frequency multiplier, give it a try and solve the problem. Hack the CPU frequency multiplier L2 bridge connected with the conductive silver paint well, overclocking the CPU back to 950MHz, has been very stable ever since, failure never happened.
in this light, the solve the problem on CPU use 2B pencils, pencil graphite, the main ingredient is, we are using the conductivity of graphite to L2 bridge connecting Duron, but poor adhesion of graphite, likely will drop automatically after using for a long time, resulting in failure. So, crack when Duron, Athlon XP CPU frequency multiplier, the best use of conductive silver paint, so that we can avoid a lot of unexpected problems occur.

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