New floppy drive a major "improvement"
I finally told the 300 m ⅱ in "classic" got fired, replaced them with new P4 machine. Niaoqianghuanpao, with smooth,. Haven't installed anti-virus software, found rising key disk into the floppy disk drive ready for installation. Floppy drive "squeaking giggle" read for a long time, suddenly jumped out of the "disk in drive a is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? "Prompt. Is a floppy disk is broken please? Get a key disk can take dozens of Yuan, also is on the "classic" test first.
Open "master" a try, key disk is no problem at all. Must be a new floppy drive problem. In order to verify, in a few "old" reading and writing are very smooth on the disk into a new floppy drive, try five or six, but only one could read that data. Alas! No wonder people often complain about the new floppy disk drive than the old performance. As still in the warranty period, it will be sent to a computer store to repair.
to the store to try the floppy drive read and write is no problem at all. No way, had to move the computer back home. Until when you read a floppy disk and jumped out of the "not formatted" message! If the floppy drive data cable has come loose? Move out of the case is open, the data cable plug tightly at both ends and try again, and finally be able to read the floppy disk drive. This solves the problem, but just the cover into computer tables, floppy drive "repeat performance", it really feels strange.
look and try it a few times, finally found the secret. Originally, this new machine is the same on horizontal chassis vintage tables, vertical chassis must lay down it. This floppy drive the normally horizontal into the side. In the 486 era of floppy drive, we can install, P4 floppy drive must be reset to read the times, perhaps this is a floppy disk drive manufacturing process of a major "improvement"?
know the secret, easier to solve the problem. Old-style computer table in the baffle removed, place the chassis stand is OK.
Ding-reviews: floppy drive now is getting smaller and smaller, and the quality of some products also boast, been replaced by Flash drive trend. If the antivirus software manufacturers as soon as possible, "times", then you can safely change the floppy drive of life!

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