Service Center
1 laptop repair procedures, the user's telephone to apply for maintenance, the repair center staff will be in the shortest period of time and give you solutions.
2, in the urban area free door-to-door (agreed with the service's users), offer the user does not agree to repair, then charge testing and on-site service fee of 100 Yuan/times.
3, the maintenance period is 1 day, repairs generally within 3 days to repair (if there are special circumstances to be announced).
4, where in my repair centre repair or replacement parts carry a one month warranty (except for specific warranty).
5, caused by improper use of the user during the warranty period the hardware or software failure, the Center does not make warranty.
6, the user to be repaired before data back up the hard drive of the machine and cause data loss during maintenance work, the Center shall not be liable for.
warranty Ordinance
Maintenance Center warranty range
1. where in Wuhan are up computer maintenance service company purchase of memory, and hard disk warranty (three months, and half), remaining maintenance accessories warranty one months;
following situation not is warranty range
1. due to software fault or virus caused of fault;
2. due to human reasons or outside conditions occurred changes (as voltage suddenly increased) caused of damaged;
3. Fault machine or parts in without authorized of situation Xia was apart had or maintenance center warranty label damaged;
4. products due to external reasons, and accident damaged, and not right of using, and change, and adjustment, and negligence, and wear, and not right of installation, and not right of and peripherals connection and external power, reasons led to of problem;
5. notebook computer in by with of software program, and pre-installed software, and application software and the data not is warranty range;
6. Prevention sex of maintenance, as hard disk regulator try, and Restoration of erosion machines, virus-checking software viruses, hardware diagnosis and cleaning are not covered under warranty. Hospitality law
personnel/>1. user entry should take the initiative and greet customers, manners, not chatting with users,; time to maintain the front desk neat and clean. Arrangements according to actual situation hosting users.
2. host users and when receiving calls, reasonable requests and inquiries should be made clear to the user answer, can't answer for the time being, we will register explained to the user, or transfer the relevant personnel in the future, user, empty promises.
3. Summary and preparation of the solutions available to the user, which can reduce repair cycle
4. reception staff will guide users to accurately fill a repair document, accept failure mechanism, and requests the user back to other unrelated articles; such as: laptop bag, power cable, AC adapter, PC card, external floppy disk drive, and so on.
5. reception staff will repair orders within the fault plane and cover into the maintenance on the machine.
1/> Service Center laptop disassemble norms. cleaning up desktop, keep the surface clean, make sure the machine is shut down, unplug the power cord, AC adapter, docking station, remove the PC card for expandable memory.
2. end of the notebook shell up flat on the table, remove the battery, hard drive, floppy drive, optical drive, and from top to bottom, placing order from left to right on the desktop, the Pan's surface nailed in from top to bottom, placed the order to remove the order from left to right into the nail box.
3. flat on the machine panel up on your desktop, remove the nail under the KB and KB, and order as above, remove the lid (top) standard, do not twist crack shell, the cover is taken off, close, on the surface, on the bench.
4. ordered from outermost to innermost, from left to right, in order from top to bottom, release the connector interface, unscrewing the screws, remove the various parts, arranged on the desktop, screw in sequence into the PIN box, remove all parts. Careful not to directly touch the plate with his hand card circuit, part placed in the desktop, make sure the order, do not overlap.
5. disassemble LCD screen, indestructible glue, to ensuring its smooth, not an hand touch-screen circuit.
Repair Center laptop machine specification
machine specifications, teardown code reverse order above, pay attention to the following:
1. component must be installed in former disassemble reverse, screws one by one (length, thickness, color), properly, plug the connector interface must ensure that real, soldering on insulation cannot leak.
2. after loading, check the machine. Rock sound, tight seams, the surface is smooth, switchboard, installed the optical drive is astringent, final inspections and nail the desktop box is clean, no remnants of the original machine, if found, must be investigated and resolved.
solemnly commitment
maintenance speed
General situation Xia I Center will in a a days within for you repair, only Dang conditions compared special Shi may will extended repair time, as:
1. you of notebook computer fault occurred not common, needed repeatedly test: as Chinese WINXP or OFFICE panic;
2. costs problem temporarily no implementation--in user no on costs said zhiqian we cannot decided how continues to maintenance process;
3. Poor contacts with end users in the maintenance process, information communication, resulting in long repair period. Customer complaint
got on the phone for 8 hours (working hours) responses to the survey progress. Final result notification shall not exceed 24 hours.